Non-White Endorsements

Good luck finding this on my official site: we NEVER put it on the home page (c’mon, we know who are audience is!) … but it still is useful in telling a simple story: here’s a black dude who hasn’t seen my emails says I’m not a racist:

Now where I come from that’s all you need to be PROVEN non-racist. And where I come from is BUFFALO.

But if you think that’s the ONLY non-white I got, you don’t know Carl Paladino. Check this guy out:

His cabby, Shaheen Qanoongo, nodded in agreement. “You are absolutely right,” Mr. Qanoongo told Mr. Paladino, even while acknowledging to the candidate, “I don’t know much about you.”

Mr. Paladino apparently made a good impression: Mr. Qanoongo said he was open to voting for him. “It’s not like ‘I am a Democrat so I am going to vote for a corrupt Democrat,’ ” the driver explained.

Well, at least, I think he’s not white. I think. Qanoo-goo-ga-WHAT? LOL. At least he’s not MUSLIM! I think…

  1. He knows at LEAST one other black guy, asshole.

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